The No Fear Zone
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Tired of Listening to Public Speakers at Business Conferences While Wishing YOU Were the One Onstage?

You don’t want to be another workshop wallflower. You’re tired of sitting on the sidelines at tradeshows. You know deep down you have insights and knowledge to share.

You don’t want to let another conference go by without applying to be a speaker. Maybe you have even tried before and failed.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Yes, you do! Rest assured that great public speakers are made not born. Tired of Listening to Public Speakers at Business ConferencesThe only thing standing between you and a standing ovation is (you guessed it!) your fear.

You don’t need a shrink or acting classes to overcome your fear. One of the secrets of becoming a top public speaker is simply to believe this: you already possess all the confidence you need, right now.

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Get Started:

1. Change the Tapes Playing in Your Head

If we constantly tell ourselves we are something…eventually we believe it. This is where “fake it ‘till you make it” comes in very practically. Stop your thoughts from sabotaging your confidence by changing them.

Starting this process can be as simple as creating a new voice in your head that is positive. Repeat positive affirmations either out loud or in your head: “I am confident. I am calm. I have what it takes to be an awesome public speaker.”

2. Create a Relaxation Routine

Confident or not, it’s normal to have the butterflies before you take the stage. It’s what you do with this nervous energy that matters. Create a pre-performance relaxation ritual for yourself. Incorporate exercises like deep breathing, stretching and visualization.

3. Realize It’s Not All About You

You know that feeling when you walk into a party and you feel like everyone is judging you? Guess what? They aren’t. They are thinking the same thing about themselves. Don’t waste your time by imagining you are the object of scrutiny.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Let Your Personality Shine

You have something to say otherwise you wouldn’t be speaking. So don’t keep your head down reading your script and fumbling over words. Practice speaking from your gut and use an outline.

Reading word-for-word kills your passion and can actually make you more nervous. Talk to the audience. You will get immediate feedback from them that will boost your confidence as you speak.

5. Rip Off the Band-Aid

While there is always preparation and tools to be done and had, really, you need to get down to business and make it happen. If you’re ready to get started right now I suggest my audio Fearless Speaking!

After listening, you will be well on your way to becoming a fearless public speaker, faster than you ever thought possible.