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Best BUSINESS Tip: How to Stop Giving Away Free Stuff & Increase Perceived Value

How to Stop Giving Away Free Stuff | Bryan Toder on Business Advice

Transcript: There’s an amazing thing that happens when you give your product service away for free. Hi… I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy, and when you give away your product or services for free… it does an interesting thing: It completely de-values your item! For instance, if you buy a mobile phone for a […]

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Best BUSINESS TIP – How to Charge More for Your Product or Service

Product or Service

Transcript: In business, money really changes things. Talking about or asking for money is tough for many people and we’ve talked about that here. So, when you ask for your fee or a price for your product or service… do you DESERVE it? Hi, I’m Bryan Toder —the No Fear Guy—and I talk about this […]

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