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Getting Better Sleep with a Nighttime Routine

Getting Better Sleep

Some people can’t sleep and sleep is an elusive and difficult part of the day. Daily distractions, stresses and moments can make sleep nearly impossible, so what can you do to get to sleep better? Routine is an important part of life whether you observe patterns of not. A variety of bad habits can lay a poor […]

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About Doing Nothing At All


When is the last time you just didn’t do anything? Nothing. I don’t really mean wasting time clicking around the web or binging the latest your favorite show on Netflix. I’m talking about lying or sitting there… quietly… with nothing to do. No obligations… no entertainment… no deadlines… no phone calls… no emails… no — […]

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Dangers of Stress


Oddly… stress isn’t always a bad thing. Rather, it’s a vital survival process that allow us to run away from danger or get ready to fight back. Pressure can motivate us and help us get through cramming all night long for an important exam or getting an important work project finished. There is a time […]

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleepy woman at work

So, how did you sleep last night? More importantly, how long did you actually sleep? Nightly, not getting enough sleep is one of the top causes for being stressed and anxious. If you think about it, sleep as the ultimate form or relaxation. It’s something we need — nightly. If you don’t believe me, try […]

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Stress Buster: Have a Laugh

Laughing man pointing

Okay, this might seem a little odd, but trust me. I’m talking about laughing out loud. Not the messaging LOL, but a belly laugh that comes from your soul. You’ve heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine, right? As it turns out, it’s also a quick and efficient way to reduce stress. I’m […]

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