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These are downloadable audios and you can put them on your mobile phones!

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They are downloaded to your computer anytime you need them!

Here Are Your UPGRADE Files:

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Instant Stress-Free DVD Case
Stress-Free & Happy Life

10 Videos

Download these files on your computer and watch them now!

These files are in .zip form (compressed form). Download them and then un-zip them and play.

Stress-Free & Happy Life Audio
Stress-Free & Happy Life

10 Audios

If you don't have time to watch the videos, download these MP3 audios onto your computer and import them onto your mobile devices!

Here Are The ORIGINAL Files From Your First Order:
Instant Stress-Free & Happy eBook
Stress-Free & Happy Life


Please read this book immediately and begin your Stress-Free life!

Instant Stress-Free • Cheat Sheet_ipadlt_823x978
Stress-Free & Happy Life

Cheat Sheet

You can read this on a tablet, your phone or just print it out! This cheat sheet will help your success!

(Of course, the iPad isn't included.)

Stress-Free & Happy Life

Mind Map

This mind map gives you an overview of everything covered inside the calm your mind guide.

Resource Guide
Stress-Free & Happy Life


You can read this on a tablet, your phone or just print it out! This cheat sheet will help your success!

Stress-Free Infographics
Stress-Free & Happy Life


To help you to find your quick and easy way to reduce your stress!


Do not listen to these audios while driving or operating machinery.
You need to be a safe and comfortable position without distractions.