How to Make a Great Audio When You Think You Have a Terrible Voice
(or You’re Just $@*&! Scared..!)

When You Think You Have a Terrible Voice

Before You Start, You Really Should GET THIS:

Did You Know That You Are Probably Saying Your Name WRONG!?

Nervous while speaking?

A Truly Amazing Interview with Dr. Laura Sicola... In this 2-Part (50-minute)

In 2013, I created a course for Udemy called, "Audio Creation Secrets" on how to create audios to sell. During the course creation I interviewed my friend, Dr. Sicola, because she's the EXPERT about improving your voice. This could change your life. Seriously.

You're find about...

  • You only have the first seven seconds for someone to make the assumptions about you. It's important to fix it now.
  • Why can't people "hear" your name correctly? (This is MORE worth the $10 for this recording!)
  • What are the COMMON MISTAKES that most people do? You're probably doing it, now.
  • Find out the subconscious speaking habits that actually sabotage the listener.
  • ..and more..!

Two videos that will show you how to improve your speaking.

Part One

Duration: 38m

Part Two

Duration: 41m

Resources in Part One

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Resources in Part Two

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