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Guest Information for The No Fear Zone Radio Show on WPHT-AM

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Connect via Social Media, links are here:

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Please read the below information and send in the necessary information.

 THE SHOW: The No Fear Zone radio show is hosted by Bryan Toder, “The No Fear Guy”. It’s either one 30-minute show or two a 2-parter, consisting of two 30-minute shows.

Each show is actually 26 minutes of RECORDED audio, leaving room for commercials and the introduction music, bumpers and such.

The main focus of The No Fear Zone show is to help people break through the fears in life that are holding them back in business and even their personal life.

Past topics include getting over the fear of success or failure, starting a business, taking risks, relationship fears and so much more.

Time will be given to talk about your book, product or promotion, too.

This is a REAL radio show on a CBS affiliate in Philadelphia, PA—1210 WPHT-AM.

You can hear past episodes of the show here.

AUDIENCE: The No Fear Zone is targeted to business owners, entrepreneurs and people who want to be more successful in life, but they find that FEAR is holding them back.

WHEN:  All shows are RECORDED. Shows air every Sunday at 5:00am EASTERN.  WPHT is a 50,000 watt radio station that has a range (at that time of the day) of almost ⅓ of the nation, so you WILL be heard—even at that early hour.

The show is also uploaded to iTunes and Stitcher for podcast listening and downloading to mobile devices!

There will be two short commercial breaks during the show approximately at the 10-minute and 20-minute marks.

PROMOTION: We ask you promote the show through your newsletter, social media, blogs, etc. Please connect with Bryan via the social media links below.

DAY OF THE SHOW: We will call YOU.  When you book your time using our online scheduler (above), please enter your best contact number for the interview.

Make sure that—after we connect—that your phone’s Call Waiting feature is turned off and iPhone should be placed on “Do Not Disturb”.

GUEST CHECK LIST:  Please send the following information to Bryan Toder at
bryan [at ] thenofearone.com at least one week prior to the show air date:

  1. A short radio bio.  A great radio bio is one that can be easily read out loud. Please include pauses, exclamations, pronunciations and our natural way of speaking.
  2. Your main web site URL.
  3. 6 to 7 questions relating to FEAR and your topic.
  4. Download the No Fear Zone Show Engagement LetterSign and return to
    bryan [at ] thenofearone.com. (Just scan and email it back.)

    Or, mail it to:
    Bryan Toder
    P.O. Box 94
    Eagleville, PA 19408-0094  USA

If you have any questions, please contact me here.

Thank you for being a guest on The No Fear Zone with Bryan Toder!