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How To Use Congruency To Excel Your Success


I am always asked, “What’s the ONE thing that makes a great sales person or a great speaker? What’s the secret?!”

Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, the No Fear Guy… and there *IS* one thing that you need to do in order to close a sale or captivate an audience. It’s called “CONGRUENCY”.

Congruency happens when your words and your body and your attitude and your thinking are all in alignment.

I know how to do magic and when I learned it, I found out that if I put something in my hand, for instance, and I believed it was really there (but it wasn’t) it’s because I was congruent!

In order for the audience to believe me, I needed to believe it myself… mentally, physically, emotionally…

So, when you are giving a talk or selling a product, for instance… and you aren’t congruent, they’ll pick up on it somehow.

Have you ever talked with a salesperson and there was “something” that was off… you couldn’t put your finger on it, but something wasn’t quite right? It’s usually because you picked up on some kind of incongruency.

Maybe it was how he was sitting, or his breathing changed… but somehow, you picked up on it.

Well, if you aren’t congruent, your clients or audience will pick up on that, too!

So, how can you fix this? Easy—you must believe in your message. If you are selling something and you aren’t authentic about it, you’ll telegraph some incongruency to them.

You may need to practice this… keeping your thoughts, your body and words all in alignment.

Now, if you aren’t being truthful… if you’re lying… this won’t work so well… so, the answer is… be real and authentic in your message and it’ll come thorough!

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I’m Bryan Toder, the No Fear Guy!