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Best Business Tips — How To Start Your Business In A Competitive Market


The other day I got an email from a reader who fearfully asked, “I just don’t get it! I am trying to start a business but I see so many other people doing it already. So, WHY BOTHER?!”

One of the top fears of people starting a business or project is that there are SO many other people doing the same thing already. So, the competition is greater and they have a “head start”, etc.

Okay, they are valid fears and concerns. But, the reality is that most of the time, they aren’t fears based in reality.

Every time a pizza shop opens up near you, I am sure you aren’t thinking, “Wow, ANOTHER pizza shop! There are SO MANY now. They’ll never stay in business!”

No, you probably say to yourself, “Wow, another PIZZA shop! I wonder if they are any good. I’ll try them out!”

And, well… they’d better be good. Because to stay in business you need to be what the public wants.

And realize that because there are a lot of other people or businesses doing what you do is a GOOD thing! That means there’s a demand for it! The trail has been already blazed for you.

When you start something… anything… that no one has ever done before, you are the pioneer with the arrows in your back. It’s a tougher road.

So, the FEAR of doing something that other people have already done before is real, but it can’t stop you.

The caveat is that you need to be different in some way. Maybe it’s your special recipe, or how you deliver your product or service. 

When I started my hypnosis business, there were several hypnotists in the area already! So, what did I do differently? While other hypnotists just put an ad in the local phone book (remember those?) I was being interviewed on radio and TV!

I also collected testimonials (I now have over 800!) that gave my clients the proof they needed to make a decision. Most hypnotists in the area had only a handful of testimonials.

And now, in my area, I am THE hypnotist that people come to to get help.

One more thing… yes… the FIRST one to have the idea may get all the attention. They MAY have a leg up on everyone else, but unless they keep going, YOU can match it or surpass it with your own way of doing things!

I’ve been to pizza shops making neighborhood-style pizza for a small price and I’ve been to expensive pizza restaurants that made it an exquisitely tasty experience. But the expensive pizza place… competing with all the other “regular” pizza places wasn’t even competing at all!

You… can do that, too!

For you? How can you make your business or YOU different? Let me know in the comment box below..!

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I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy!