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Sales Tip: How to Overcome Your Hatred And Fear Of Selling


Just the other day, a close friend was doing an online seminar — a webinar — where she was selling her program.

The problem was, you could tell that she hated that she was selling her program! And, if you hate sales or selling, how do you make the sales? Confused?

Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy, and I see this so many times when people have a product or service to sell, but they feel weird or odd having to “sell” it.

Women tell me this SO many times, “I just don’t like being ‘sales-y’.” But, the truth is, if you’re not selling, how will you keep the doors open?

So, you need to sell.

Now, I want to ask you a question: Do you believe that your product or service is worth the money you’re asking? I hope so!

Does your product or service benefit your customer? It’d better!

Do you feel as if you’re cheating your customers? Of course not! But, the real problem is that you may feel as if they should just “buy” your product or service — without you “selling” it to them.

The thing is that if you really do believe that your products or services benefit your customers… that they will change their lives… get amazing results…

…then NOT selling it to them, you are doing them a disservice!

Truly, why are you keeping your products or services such a secret? Isn’t that silly?

So, instead, if you truly and sincerely believe that you, your products, your services are good things, you need to let your customers know!

And, how do you do this? Sell.

I’m not saying “pushy”, “obnoxious”, “overbearing” or “relentless”; I am just asking you to let them know the benefits of your products and what may happen if they DON’T buy them!

Remember this, too: People buy emotionally and then justify it logically. You need to get your clients emotionally involved in your message so that they buy.

More about that in another Fearless Friday video.

Afraid of selling? Put some comments in the box below!


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