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How To Market Your Business Online The Right Way


Are you intimidated by what other people are doing online and think you could never operate in that league?

Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy and I totally get the intimidation factor! So many people say to me that they are online, but everybody seems to have their online act together and how can they do that?

First… no, they don’t. The majority of people and businesses are just struggling to keep up with last year’s technology. I’m a techno savant and I can barely keep up with what’s going on online, so don’t fret.

Next, there are just a few things you need to do to get you or your business up-to-speed, so let’s banish those fears and begin.

1. You need a web site. Make it a WordPress blog site. Find a web guy at and for under $50, I bet you can get an amazing site up within a few days.

2. Create a YouTube channel like this one and start posting videos. Don’t know how? Well, go on YouTube and learn. Seriously, it’s that easy.

3. Post one video a week. Most YouTube channels have 2 or 3 videos and that’s it. Most give up. So, unlike your competition, post a video a week and keep it up.

4. Twitter. Forget Twitter. (Now, don’t you feel better?) Unless you have over 5,000 followers, it’s not worth it and it’s a waste of time. So, forget Twitter.

5. Facebook: Go back to and have someone set up your Facebook page for your business or brand. Easy-peasy.

6. Definitely set up a LinkedIn account and get it optimized. A great resource is my friend, Donna Serdula’s site, Get her book and jazz up your LinkedIn profile!

7. For now, forget Instagram, Vine, Google Plus, Google Hangouts and Pinterest. Maybe, you can set some of those up later, but for now… forget ’em!

One caveat: Google Plus is great for your Google Reviews. Collect as many as you can, because they are hard to get and you need them.

So, here’s a recap:

Your WordPress site, a consistent YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a nice LinkedIn profile. That’s a total of FOUR things. If you do that, you will be ahead of 97 percent of the online community. Seriously. Do those four things and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Questions about any of this? Let me know in the comment box below..!

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I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy!