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How To Get Started With Your Business


Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy

…beginning anything is a challenge for many people.

“What if I make a mistake?”

“Who do I learn from?”

“What do I do first?!”

And, what happened is, generally, you get paralyzed with these things. They just stop you in your tracks. The fear sets in and nothing happens.

Well, here’s what I have my clients do:

The first thing is to accept the fact that mistakes WILL happen! It’s inevitable!!

So, just accept it.

Next, make a list of the ESSENTIAL things you need to do. So many people get stuck with the steps of creating a business plan or web site or their entire marketing strategy, when they need to open a bank account as their first step!

So, make a short list of essential steps:

• Get a CPA

• Open a bank account

• Get a fictitious name

…get it?

THEN, tackle the big stuff like your marketing plan!

FEAR can be paralyzing, but if you just take small steps in a consistent manner…. you’ll get there!

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