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Speaking Tips — How To End Stage Fright


I have a question for you: Are you afraid to speak in from of people? Do you have stage fright? Do you have that Fear of Public Speaking?!

Well, let me tell you… there’s no such thing as a fear of public speaking! There’s no such thing as stage fright! It’s a red herring and I’ll explain it in a moment. It’s all a matter of perception!

I’ll show you what I mean… let’s say, I take you to New York City and we go to Broadway… and we go to the most magnificent theatre on Broadway… we go onstage… there’s no one in the audience… we darken the audience they put the spotlight right on you… which means you can’t see anything in the audience… you’re blinded by the light!

So, your onstage, the audience is dark, there’s nobody there… and I say to you…

…give a talk

…do a dance…


And you know what? I bet you could do it! Why? Because there’s nobody out there.

Same scenario… going to change one thing…

I bring you offstage and we fill the entire theatre with people.

You go back onstage. The lights are on you and you still can’t see anything.

You know there’s an audience… and I say to you:

…give a talk

…do a dance…


And I could almost guarantee that you couldn’t do it.

What changed? No, it’s not the audience… the audience doesn’t matter.

It’s not that you’re afraid of speaking in public… it’s the perception of scrutiny. You see you’re not afraid of the stage…

…you got up onstage… there’s no audience. It was the fear of being scrutinized

…what are they thinking about you… they’re looking at you… maybe they’re judging you…

…maybe you’re in the boardroom of your company and you need to give a talk… in front of your boss or peers… and you’re worried about if you’re saying the right things or if you’re going to get fired… is your fly up… all this stuff is going through your head…

It’s NOT the fear of public speaking… it’s SCRUTINY!

So, how do you fix this?

Well, keep coming back and I’ll teach you… for free!

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