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How To Ask Effective Questions To Make More Sales


Recently, I’m at an event… it’s for mostly women and some spouses were there. And, after the event, this guy comes up to me with his wife and asks me an interesting question:

So, he asked me, “Would I be interested in buying some essential oils?”

And, I looked at him and his wife and I said, “Follow me!” and we walked out to the hallway.

I said, “Ask me that question again,” and he said, “Would I be interested in buying some essential oils?”

And, I said, “NO!!!” and he reeled back (he had no idea what I was doing).

I asked, “Why are you asking me a ‘Yes-or-No question’? I don’t even know what essential oils ARE! I don’t really know what they do… what the benefits are.”

And this guy was asking me a yes-or-no question, “Do I what to buy some essential oils?” And I thought, “Well… No!!”

So, what would be a BETTER question? And this is what I told him and his wife:

He needed to come up with some questions that weren’t just “yes or no”! See, if you have a yes-or-no question, chances are they are going to say “no” more than “yes”.

So, what would be some great questions to ask? How about:

• What are the things in your life (whether it’s personal or business) that you’re having some problems with?

• What kind of health issues that you have that you’re most concerned about?

• What’s stressing you in life in general?

And THEN address the problem! Maybe essential oils can elevate stress! So, if I said, “You know, I have a lot of stress in social situations. Maybe, he has some essential oils that would deal with it!”

I don’t know… but isn’t that a better question than, “Are you interested in some essential oils?”

Yes or no? No..!!

So, ask questions that don’t have a “yes” or a “no”; ask questions that would give you some information to help sell your product or service.