The Dickens Pattern

Your Compelling Future

The Dickens Pattern is an NLP technique popularized by Anthony Robbins in his Unleash the Power Within Seminar. Tony is an amazing teacher of NLP, and he uses this technique to facilitate quick changes in people and create a compelling future for them!

This pattern is based upon the Charles Dickens’ character Scrooge when he meets the Ghost of Christmas Future and is shown the future of what his life will be like if he continues his current behavior and life choices. The pain this causes for Scrooge allows him to make better choices that change his life, and the lives of others, forever.

Remember, we do things because of pain or pleasure. Not exercising enough means there is not enough pain to do it. You won’t drink enough water because not enough pleasure is associated to it.

But, let’s stay with pain because it’s such a great motivator! The Dickens Pattern will help you associate pain with not doing something, associating consequences with the lack of taking action.

The Dickens Pattern—What Are the Consequences of Staying the Way You Are Now? Let’s travel forward in time fifteen years.

  1. Stand up now in the present. First, it’s not as comfortable as sitting and you are changing your physiology.
  2. Visualize what your life is like right now. How is your health? Are you fat and overweight? No energy to do anything? Not motivated?
  3. Now, imagine what it would be like to be five years older. And, you haven’t done anything to change. But, you have changed! Now, you’re fifteen pounds heavier. You’re fatter and maybe your knees are shot. What would this cost you in all areas of your life?
  4. Now, you’re another five years older, ten since we started, and you’re in a wheelchair or walker. You’re sick and your back is weak. Walking is almost impossible for you. What would this cost you in all areas of your life?
  5. Lastly, you are another five years older, fifteen since we started, and you are fatter, sicker, and older. What would this cost you in all areas of your life? What a horrible, awful life.
  6. Is this what you want? Feel what that would feel like. Imagine what you’d look like in the mirror. What would other people be saying about you? Painful, isn’t it? Really associate with those feelings! (The more you feel these feeling and the worse you feel doing this, the better this will work!)
  7. Now, imagine it was all a bad dream. Come back to the present. (Better?) What did not taking action cost you in the future that you imagined? Your health? Your family? Needless pain and suffering?
  8. Imagine changing the way you do things now. Make the time to exercise and do it. Eat better. Drink your water. Put yourself first.
  9. Associate with the massive pleasure you now have after changing your behavior.
  10. Change your physiology: Jump up and down or shake your body around.
  11. Repeat this anytime you get complacent.

That was rough, wasn’t it? But, it’s one if the best ways to facilitate change in your life!

Trouble Visualizing?

Some people say that they can’t visualize pictures in their mind very well. If that’s you, can you picture your child’s face? Your front door? What color is your car? What does your pet look like and what color is it?

Get the picture? You can visualize.