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How to Use the ‘Fear Setting’ to Become Fearless

Man between two walls.

Is fear really taking control of you? Actually, you have far more control over your fear and your stress than you probably realize. And, you may not realize that in fact we control the emotional response we want to give, instead at the mercy of our brains. When you’re stressed, it’s because you’re focussing on all […]

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Sales Tip: How to Overcome Your Hatred And Fear Of Selling

Sales Tip: How to Overcome Your Hatred And Fear Of Selling

Transcript: Just the other day, a close friend was doing an online seminar — a webinar — where she was selling her program. The problem was, you could tell that she hated that she was selling her program! And, if you hate sales or selling, how do you make the sales? Confused? Hi, I’m Bryan […]

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Public Speaking Tips: How to Speak Without Being Tongue-Tied?

Public Speaking Tips: How to Speak Without Being Tongue-Tied

Transcript: Whenever I coach someone on public speaking, they usually ask how I can speak so extemporaneously. They, ask, “How do you always know what to say?!” Want to know how? Stay tuned…! Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy, and if you want to speak extemporaneously, or “off the top of your head”, […]

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Best BUSINESS TIP — How to Stop Your Fear of Technology

Fear of Technology

Transcript: Do you remember when people were smart and phones were dumb…? Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, the No Fear Guy and I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they hate their smartphone. “It’s too complicated” or “It keeps beeping at me and I don’t know what it wants!” or “I need to […]

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Anxious About Public Speaking? Then It’s Time for a Dress Rehearsal

Public Speaking

Successful public speakers have a routine in place that pumps them up and preps them for the pressure, and they practice. And practice. Then practice some more. Then, they rehearse. If you’re just letting your thoughts, and heart rate, run wild before a public speech or presentation, you’re not tapping into your inner rock star. […]

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