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Was “The King’s Speech” a True Story? The Real Life of King George VI

King George VI

It’s inspiring to watch a man terrified of public speaking, even fearful of speaking at all, take on the challenge of delivering a speech to the world. For him to accomplish this as a reluctant public figure with a serious speech impediment is even more inspiring. It makes us want to try harder too, at […]

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How To Ask Effective Questions To Make More Sales

Make More Sales

Transcript: Recently, I’m at an event… it’s for mostly women and some spouses were there. And, after the event, this guy comes up to me with his wife and asks me an interesting question: So, he asked me, “Would I be interested in buying some essential oils?” And, I looked at him and his wife […]

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Public Speaking Tips from Abe Lincoln & Happy Gilmore

Who else is inside you? We have all summoned the brazen part of our brain at least once. If we hadn’t we wouldn’t be this far in life. Think back to at least one time you surprised yourself with your boldness… Got one? Good. If it involved using alcohol, please refer to the previous paragraph […]

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Four Infamous Public Speaking Screw Ups

jelly donut

Next time you take the podium, man that PowerPoint laser, or endure a panel job interview—remind yourself that nothing you do could be as bad as these public speech gone-wrongs. 1. JFK, Berlin, 1963 “Ich bin ein Berliner.”  Did JFK actually call himself a jelly donut? Despite long lasting lore, no, he did not call himself a […]

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Speaking Tips — How To End Stage Fright

Transcript: I have a question for you: Are you afraid to speak in from of people? Do you have stage fright? Do you have that Fear of Public Speaking?! Well, let me tell you… there’s no such thing as a fear of public speaking! There’s no such thing as stage fright! It’s a red herring and I’ll explain […]

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