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Best Business Tips — How To Start Your Business In A Competitive Market

Why Bother?

Transcript: The other day I got an email from a reader who fearfully asked, “I just don’t get it! I am trying to start a business but I see so many other people doing it already. So, WHY BOTHER?!” One of the top fears of people starting a business or project is that there are […]

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Anxious About Public Speaking? Then It’s Time for a Dress Rehearsal

Public Speaking

Successful public speakers have a routine in place that pumps them up and preps them for the pressure, and they practice. And practice. Then practice some more. Then, they rehearse. If you’re just letting your thoughts, and heart rate, run wild before a public speech or presentation, you’re not tapping into your inner rock star. […]

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How To Use Congruency To Excel Your Success

Transcript: I am always asked, “What’s the ONE thing that makes a great sales person or a great speaker? What’s the secret?!” Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, the No Fear Guy… and there *IS* one thing that you need to do in order to close a sale or captivate an audience. It’s called “CONGRUENCY”. Congruency happens […]

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Tired of Listening to Public Speakers at Business Conferences While Wishing YOU Were the One Onstage?

You don’t want to be another workshop wallflower. You’re tired of sitting on the sidelines at tradeshows. You know deep down you have insights and knowledge to share. You don’t want to let another conference go by without applying to be a speaker. Maybe you have even tried before and failed. Do You Have What […]

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How To Give A Great Speech or Presentation (Even If You Screw Up)

Great Speech

Transcript: What if you are giving a talk or a presentation… and something goes wrong? What do you do? PANIC?! Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy… and if you are giving a talk or presentation and something goes wrong, you do this one thing: You change the ending! I was just coaching a speaker […]

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