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Best SALES TIP — How To Stop The Fear Of Cold Calling


So many salespeople have a hard time cold calling or prospecting. If that’s you or you think you may need SOME help in this… stay tuned!

Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy, and so many salespeople just can’t pick up that phone to cold call.

I’ve even heard professional sales trainers call it the 500 pound phone… what an awful mental image! If you believe that your phone is so heavy, no wonder you can’t lift it.

Anyway… let’s talk about this. As most fears seem to be, this is a fear of Scrutiny. You are afraid of one of these things:

A fear of being rejected by the other person (a very common fear!), the feeling that you will waste the entire day and get nowhere and you’ll look like a fool or maybe it’s that you are in an office and you don’t want to be scrutinized by your boss or fellow employees.

All of these are a fear of being scrutinized and once you recognize that, it’s easier to fix!

The thing with scrutiny is that the person who is being scrutinized only *thinks* he or she is being scrutinized, when in reality they aren’t.

When you call someone for the first time, it’s true, you’re interrupting them, they may not have the time or even want to talk to you. But, it’s not YOU they are thinking about!

In fact, it’s almost never about YOU! Except for a boss who may be looking at quotas and such, everything else is about them, not you.

The prospect isn’t thinking, “Wow, what a jerk for calling me!”, rather, they are probably thinking, “Geez, I just don’t have the time for this!”

But, it’s not YOU and you can’t take it personally.

Later, I will have ways of overcoming this fear, but for right now… reframe the thinking about looking like a fool or being judged.

They. Don’t. Care.

It’s never about you; it’s always about them. Remember that.