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Best BUSINESS Tips: Stop Your Confusion & Accomplish Your Goals


One of the things I hear a lot from entrepreneurs is that they are really confused about a LOT of things in their life, business and more.

Do you live in a constant state of confusion?

Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy and if you live in a constant state of confusion, maybe it’s because you’re chafing too many things!

Years ago, I wanted to do a lot. I wanted to have a business, be a performer, be a speaker, learn a new language and so much more.

Experts call this “goal diffusion”. And, I STILL get it myself. It’s easy to fall into it. It’s where you begin new projects (without finishing them) and create new and shiny goals for you, your business, your family… only to have SO many goals that you end up confused and dazed.

And paralyzed into ineffectiveness. Sound familiar? This could have been the story of my life.

I learned to fix this by doing this: 3 things.

You’ll hear me say this a lot. Only have 3 goals. Period. Your plate can only hold 3 goals. So can your mind and your effectiveness. More than three and you just can’t spin those plates. Everything will crash to the floor.

Figure out what the THREE goals you need to do NOW are and that’s all you should think about. Also, add a completion date to them… don’t forget that part.

So, for you… what are they? Write your book? Update your web site? Create a new logo? What are YOUR THREE THINGS you need to do.

Then, whenever you accomplish one of them, you can add another one, keeping the total at THREE. Only THREE.

So, what are YOUR three goals? Put them in the comments section below.