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Best BUSINESS TIP — How to Stop Your Fear of Technology


Do you remember when people were smart and phones were dumb…?

Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, the No Fear Guy and I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they hate their smartphone.

“It’s too complicated” or “It keeps beeping at me and I don’t know what it wants!” or “I need to get my kids to teach me this!”

But, truly… it’s not that hard.

When I got my first iPhone (it was a 3G), I went to a coffee shop, got a muffin and a large coffee and read the manual.

Yes, your phone HAS a manual!! (Just look for it on your phone’s web site.) Come one, you can do it.  🙂

I would read something and exclaim, “I didn’t know it could do THAT!!” and I’d try it out! And, you know what?! It worked!!

I did this for about three hours and at the end, I know how to use my iPhone better than probably most anyone on Earth!

Three hours. And, whenever they upgrade it, the learning curve is minutes.

Truly, these things are amazing!! About ten years ago, these things would be worth 50 million bucks. Now for about $200, you can talk to anyone in the world. It has a video studio in it… they are amazing!

And my dad uses it as a PHONE..!!!

Get to know technology, your phone, the Internet. You need to.

I’m going to have more on the Fear of Technology on this site, so look for it…

I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy!

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