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Best BUSINESS Tip: How To Control Your Fear and Take Action


At an event recently, there were a little over a hundred business people (mostly women) who kept saying the same thing:

“I’m to frightened to begin… or take the next step…” to the point where many were crying and scared.

But, what were they really afraid of and how can we fix this?

Hi, I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy, and fear in business can be paralyzing. When I asked these women what their TOP fear was, I got many answers:

They were afraid of selling, afraid of being “found out” (or a fraud) — that’s called the “Impostor Syndrome”, afraid of failing, afraid they will do all this work and nothing will come from it…

…afraid that they don’t know enough, or that they will disappoint someone (like a spouse)… but it all boiled down to ONE main fear:

They were afraid about all the stuff they need to do. They were totally overwhelmed.

And, much of the fear is because of not knowing what you don’t know. It’s called conscious incompetence. You know that you don’t know.

It’s better than unconscious incompetence which is not even knowing that you don’t know.

So, one way around conscious incompetence is making a short list of THREE essential skills you need to know or THREE pieces of information you need to begin.

And, then… just begin!

Another problem arises when one is consciously incompetent and that is the feeling of being overwhelmed. You’ve taken a bunch of courses, seminars, watched a bazillion DVDs and now you don’t know what to do first, right?

Here’s how you get over the fear and start taking action. And, I know this, because I’ve done that a zillion times myself.

You pick ONE thing to do and complete it. Then, move on.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… that’s too simple. “Pick one thing.” But, most people (myself included) try to learn a lot of stuff that they think they need, they don’t learn it (or they take it in and move on to another learning experience) and they feel bad about it and get overwhelmed with all the things they “should” be doing?

Sound familiar?!

Right now, this week, I am learning about a new advertising method. I have THREE courses on this and lots of people giving me advice. I am on complete overwhelm and what I decided to do was to watch just ONE course and follow it to completion.

Funny thing… once I made that decision… all MY fears and the feeling of overwhelm went away. Nice!

So, what’s holding YOU back? Put your comments in the box below and we’ll connect again on the next Fearless Friday! I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy.