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Best BUSINESS TIP – How to Charge More for Your Product or Service


In business, money really changes things. Talking about or asking for money is tough for many people and we’ve talked about that here.

So, when you ask for your fee or a price for your product or service… do you DESERVE it?

Hi, I’m Bryan Toder —the No Fear Guy—and I talk about this a lot… because this comes UP a lot.

The fear of asking for the money… and much of it comes from not thinking that one is “worthy” of their fee or if they even “deserve” to get paid for their services.

Many people in the “healing” or “holistic” arena are like this (and, as a hypnotist, I run into this a lot).

If you are in one of these types of businesses… therapists, hypnotists, Reiki, acupuncture, wellness or life coaching… or any other coaching, healing or holistic business…

…then you know what I’m talking about. You are helping people… and how can you ask for a LOT of money to help someone?!

The thing is that… if you are helping them, saving them—even saving their life… what’s it worth?

Just yesterday, I had a consultation with a potential client who needed to quit smoking. I’m not cheap; in fact, I’m probably the most expensive hypnotist within a thousand miles.

But, I get the results for my clients. Hey, if it works… what does it matter what it costs, right?

The thing that makes ME different than OTHER hypnotists is that I am not a commodity. You can’t “shop around” and compare me with a similar hypnotist. Why?

Because no one does what I do, the WAY I do it and get the RESULTS I get for my clients.

No one.

So, I can charge what I charge and my clients are HAPPY because they got what they wanted.  It’s win-win!

So, if you are, let’s say a wellness coach and you just “wellness coaching” you are a commodity, because I can easily find a wellness coach on the Internet.

However, if you are different… if you can do things no one else can… if you are someone who people want to go to because it’s YOU… then, you can charge what you want.

AND… because you are helping them, THEY will be happy to pay you.

Also… and this is an important point… if you don’t charge enough, you can’t serve your clients because YOU will always be stressed about money.

See how this goes?

How do YOU feel about money and charging for your services? Let me hear about it in the comments below and I’ll see you next week on the next Fearless Friday!

I’m Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy!